Rutaganira, Vincent

Before fleeing to the Democratic Republic of Congo in July 1994, Vincent Rutaganira held the position of Councillor of Mubuga in the Gishyita Commune. According to an Indictment dated 29 April 1996, Rutaganira was charged alongside seven other accused, three of whom (Charles Sikubwabo, Ryandikayo and Aloys Ndimbati) remain at large and four of whose cases have been completed (Clément Kayishema, Ignace Bagilishema, Mikhail Muhimana and Obed Ruzindana).

Under the original Indictment, Rutaganira was charged with seven counts of genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, crimes against humanity (murder, extermination and other inhumane acts) as well as war crimes. Six of the seven counts relate to orders given by Rutaganira to gendarmes and Interahamwe militias to attack the Mubuga church in which thousands of civilians had sought refuge.

Having voluntarily surrendered to the custody of the ICTR in 2002, Rutaganira pleaded not guilty to all of the charges at his initial appearance before the Tribunal. However, after an agreement was reached with the Prosecutor, on 8 December 2004 Rutaganira pleaded guilty to the single charge of extermination as a crime against humanity for having aided and abetted, by omission, the Mubuga attacks. Rutaganira was sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment, taking into consideration his voluntary surrender, guilty plea, ill health and age. On 2 March 2008, Rutaganira was released having served his sentence and receiving credit for his time already served in custody.

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