Rwamakuba, André

André RwamakubaDuring the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda, André Rwamakuba held the position of Minister of Primary and Secondary Education in the Interim Government of 8 April 1994.

André Rwamakuba was arrested in Namibia on 21 October 1998. After numerous procedural difficulties, in 2005 Rwamakuba was indicted for genocide, complicity in genocide, and crimes against humanity (extermination and murder). On 20 September 2006, André Rwamakuba was acquitted of all charges and immediately released. The Prosecution did not appeal.

On 31 January 2007, the ICTR held that there had been a breach of André Rwamakuba’s right to legal assistance during the first months of his detention. It additionally ordered the Registrar to provide André Rwamakuba with US$2000 of financial compensation.

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