Nzabirinda, Joseph

In the lead up to the Rwandan genocide, Joseph Nzabirinda, alias Biroto, was a youth encadreur (organiser) in the Ngoma commune. Between April and June 1994, he allegedly participated in meetings at which the massacres of the Tutsi population of Sahera were organised. He ordered the Interahamwe (Hutu militia) to kill them. He also allegedly raped three Tutsi women.


Joseph Nzabirinda was then an investigator at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). In November 2001, the court’s registry office cancelled his employment contract on the grounds that he had provided forged documents.


According to the indictment of 6 December 2001, Joseph Nzabirinda was charged on four counts of genocide, alternatively, complicity in genocide as well as for extermination and rape as crime against humanity. Following a plea agreement, Nzabirinda pleaded guilty on 14 December 2001. On 23 February 2007, the Trial Chamber of the ICTR found Joseph Nzabirinda guilty of crimes against humanity for his participation in aiding and abetting the murder of Tutsi. He was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment.

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