New maritime dispute commentaries online 03 Dec 2007
Yoshifumi Tanaka and Martin Pratt, experts in the law of maritime delimitation, have written commentaries on the recent ICJ and PCA decisions for the Hague Justice Portal.

The Peace Palace, The Hague (Netherlands), seat of the International Court of Justice and home of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. photo courtesy of the ICJ.On 17 September 2007, the specifically constituted Arbitral Tribunal at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague rendered its Award in the dispute between Guyana and Suriname, establishing a single maritime boundary between the two South American nations. Some three weeks later, the International Court of Justice awarded Honduras sovereignty over four islands in the Caribbean Sea, and delineated its long-disputed maritime boundary with Nicaragua in its Judgment of 8 October 2007.

In the wake of these important decisions, maritime delimitation experts, Yoshifumi Tanaka and Martin Pratt, have written concise and informative commentaries for the Hague Justice Portal explaining the respective verdicts and their wider significance in this area of international dispute settlement.

Both commentaries are accompanied by colour maps to illustrate the decisions.

Read the Yoshifumi Tanaka commentary (Guyana v. Suriname)
Read the Martin Pratt commentary (Nicaragua v. Honduras)

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