Raska Lukwiya

Raska LukwiyaRaska Lukwiya (deceased) was a high-ranking commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group which has been fighting against the Government of Uganda since 1987 and terrorising the civilian population in the northern part of the country. In his capacity as the former Deputy Army Commander of the LRA, Raska Lukwiya ordered the commission of several crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court during a violent campaign directed against civilians in 2003.

The warrant of arrest for Raska Lukwiya listed four counts on the basis of his individual criminal responsibility, including one count of crimes against humanity, and three counts of war crimes. The proceedings against him were terminated on 11 July 2007 on the base of the death certificate transmitted by the Ugandan authorities that corroborates that Raska Lukwiya died on 12 August 2006 in Mucwini, northern Uganda.

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