Ali Muhammad Al Abd-Al-Rahman (“Ali Kushayb”)

Ali Muhammad Al Abd-Al-Rahman (“Ali Kushayb”) was one of the most senior leaders in the Militia/Janjaweed and a member of the Popular Defence Force. He was regarded as a “mediator” between the leaders of the Militia/Janjaweed and the Government of Sudan. According to the Prosecutor's evidence, Ali Kushayb issued orders to the Militia and the armed forces to persecute the civilian populations through mass rape, killings, torture, inhumane acts, pillaging and looting of residences and marketplaces, the displacement of the resident community and other alleged criminal acts. The crimes allegedly took place between August 2003 and March 2004.

A warrant of arrest for Ali Kushayb was issued by the ICC on 27 April 2007. He is charged on the basis of individual criminal responsibility with 22 counts of crimes against humanity and 28 counts of war crimes.

According to Sudanese authorities, Ali Kushayb was arrested and in January 2009 was transferred  to Karthoum from the town of Nyala in the southern Darfur for further investigation. The Sudanese government stated  that their  law had all the provisions needed to pursue trials against war criminals, but didn’t specified when these trials could resume.  The announcement of  Ali Kushayb’s arrest came almost  three months  after the ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo  pressed charges against Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir  for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.  

On 23 April 2010 the ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo  stated to the judges of the Court that the Sudanese government was still refusing to hand over Ali Kushayb to the ICC.

On 25 May 2010 Pre-Trial Chamber I of the ICC ordered the ICC Registrar to transmit the decision informing the United Nations Security Council about the lack of cooperation by the Republic of the Sudan in the case of the Prosecutor v. Ali Muhammad Al Abd-Al-Rahman (“Ali Kushayb”) and. Ahmad Muhammad Harun (Ahmad Harun), in order for the Security Council to take any action it may deem appropriate.

On 25 October 2010 the Pre-Trial Chamber appointed Judge Sanji Mmasenono Monangeng as single Judge of Pre-Trial Chamber I in relation to the Situation in Darfur.

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