IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)

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IFAW is active throughout the world to improve animal welfare, prevent animal cruelty and abuse, protect wildlife and provide animal rescue around the world. The organisation begins its fourth decade of operation with more than 200 experienced campaigners, legal and political experts, and internationally acclaimed scientists working from offices in 16 countries around the world. IFAW is now joined in this important work by some two million contributors worldwide.

IFAW The Netherlands has been leading efforts for over 15 years to heighten attention to animal welfare concerns, in particular to the serious threats posed to Europe's harbour porpoises by modern fishing techniques, the catastrophic effects on wildlife populations caused by the burgeoning illegal trade in bushmeat, illegal wildlife trade (on the internet), companion animal welfare and a national and European ban on the import of seal products. IFAW's Emergency Relief team rescues wild and companion animals, large and small, around the world.

As CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), provides a mechanism in the world for regulating and monitoring the international trade in wildlife worldwide, IFAW is very involved in this Convention. The 14th Conference of the parties took place in The Hague, on 14 June 2007. IFAW is also a member of IWC (International Whaling Committee) and an official advisor to the UN.

Number of staff (NL Secretariat)
11 permanent employees, around 2 temporary employees and one or two interns.

Available positions

Who's who?

Fred O'Regan - President (International level)
Azzedine Downes - Executive Vice President (International level)
Marcel Bertsch - Country Director, IFAW The Netherlands
Yvette Brook - sr Programme Officer, IFAW The Netherlands
Arien van der Heijden - Manager Supporter relations, IFAW The Netherlands
Olga Bleijenberg - Office & Finance Manager, IFAW The Netherlands

Contact information

IFAW The Netherlands
Javastraat 56
2585 AR Den Haag

Tel: +31 (0) 70 3355011
Fax: +31 (0) 70 3850940

Email: info-nl@ifaw.org
Website: www.ifaw.org

Dutch and English (internationally also French, Chinese, German, Arabic, Hindi, Zulu, Russian and Spanish)