2007 EU Joint Action provides OPCW project funding 18 Apr 2007
On 16 April, four Permanent Representatives to the OPCW submitted the European Union's 2007 Joint Action agreement to the OPCW Director-General.

On 16 April 2007, the Permanent Representatives to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) of Finland, Germany, Portugal and Slovenia submitted the European Union's Joint Action agreement in support of OPCW activities to the Director-General of the OPCW, Ambassador Rogelio Pfirter. The agreement entered into force on 19 March 2007, and will continue over a period of 18 months. It will provide the OPCW with 1,7 million in project funding.

The 2007 EU Joint Action is the third consecutive voluntary contribution by the EU to the OPCW. It is meant for projects that promote the universality of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), support the CWC's full and effective national implementation and enhance international cooperation in the peaceful uses of chemistry.

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