Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), The HagueThe Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is an international organisation which was created in 1997. It was established by the countries that joined the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) to ensure that the Convention works effectively and achieves its purpose. Under the terms of the Convention, the OPCW undertakes many activities all over the world, including checking and confirming the destruction of existing chemical weapons and promoting international cooperation for the peaceful uses of chemistry.

The OPCW plays an important role in limiting the methods of warfare by working towards the complete elimination of chemical instruments used as "weapons of mass destruction". The OPCW is an independent international organisation, working in the interests of its Member States. The OPCW has its headquarters in The Hague and cooperates closely with the United Nations. 


OPCW to observe first Remembrance DayStrengthening International Security Through National Implementation of the CWC
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180 Countries Now Uphold the Chemical Weapons Ban, 25-9-2006Albania: First Country to Destroy All Of Its Chemical Weapons, 12-7-2007Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration of the US Visits the OPCW, 16-11-2005Canada Contributes to Russia's Chemical Weapons Destruction Programme, 16-8-2006Copy of Iraq joins Chemical Weapons Convention, 14-1-2009Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Agency Meets OPCW Director-General, 18-11-2005European Union supports OPCW, 18-4-2007Honduras ratifies the Chemical Weapons Convention, 5-9-2005Iraq joins Chemical Weapons Convention, 14-1-2009Italy Provides OPCW medical and logistical support for protection against chemical weapons, 17-7-2006Lebanon Joins the Chemical Weapons Convention, 28-11-2008Memorandum of Understanding signed between OPCW andd African Union Commission, 26-1-2006Minister of Foreign Affairs of Algeria Meets OPCW Director-General, 27-1-2006National Authorities meet to Improve National Implementation and Cooperation, 8-11-2005OPCW Destruction Deadlines Extended, 11-12-2006OPCW Director-General Attends African Union Summit, 26-1-2006OPCW Director-General Opens CWC Implementation Seminar in PakistanOPCW Director-General Visits Pakistan, 17-11-2005OPCW Director-General visits Saudi Arabia, 24-11-2005OPCW Remembrance Day: 29 April 2006, 24-4-2006Preparations for the Second Review Conference begin, 20-7-2006President of Romanian National Agency addresses the Conference of States Parties, 18-11-2005Romanian National Agency President Addresses the Conference of the States Parties, 18-11-2005Russian Federation officially begins chemical weapons destruction at new site in Russia, 8-9-2006The First Committee of the UNGA adopts Resolution on the CWC, 3-11-2005The G8 calls for universal implementation of the CWC, 18-7-2006The Tenth Anniversary of the Chemical Weapons Convention, 27-4-2007The UN Adopts Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, 13-9-2006Twelfth Session of the CW Convention Conference Concludes, 16-11-2007UK contributes to Russia's Chemical Weapons Destruction Programme, 26-7-2006Vietnamese Vice-Minister meets OPCW Director-General, 24-11-2005
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