LaGrand (Germany v. United States of America)

Date of Judgement:  27 June 2001

On 2 March 1999, Germany filed an Application instituting proceedings against the United States of America in a dispute concerning alleged violations of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Germany stated that, in 1982, the authorities of the State of Arizona had detained two German nationals, Karl and Walter LaGrand, who were tried and sentenced to death without having been informed of their rights. In its Judgment of 27 June 2001, the Court found that the submissions of Germany were admissible and that the United States had breached its obligations to Germany and to the LaGrand brothers under the Convention. The Court also pointed out that by failing to take all measures at its disposal to ensure that Walter LaGrand was not executed pending the final decision of the Court, the United States had breached the “legal obligation” incumbent upon it under the Order issued by the Court on 3 March 1999.

Avena as a Challenge to the Federal American Legal System
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