Territorial and Maritime Dispute (Nicaragua v. Colombia)

International Court of JusticeOn 6 December 2001, Nicaragua instituted proceedings against Colombia with regard to “legal issues subsisting” between the two States “concerning title to territory and maritime delimitation” in the western Caribbean. In its Application, Nicaragua requested the International Court of Justice to adjudge and declare: first, that Nicaragua has sovereignty over the islands of Providencia, San Andrés and Santa Catalina (in the western Caribbean); and secondly, to determine the course of the single maritime boundary between the areas of continental shelf and exclusive economic zone appertaining respectively to Nicaragua and Colombia.

On 13 December 2007, the ICJ delivered its Judgment on the Preliminary Objections. The Court found that it did not have jurisdiction over the matter of sovereignty over the islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. Accordingly, sovereignty over the three Caribbean islands remained with Colombia. However, the Court found that it did have jurisdiction to adjudicate upon the dispute concerning sovereignty over the other maritime features claimed by the Parties and upon the dispute concerning the maritime delimitation between them.

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Territorial and Maritime dispute (Nicaragua v. Colombia): Application, 6-12-2001Territorial and Maritime dispute (Nicaragua v. Colombia): Order of 26 February 2002
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