Norwegian Claims

Date of Award: 13 October 1922

Emblem of the Permanent Court of ArbitrationFor sometime prior to the United States’ declaration of war against Germany in 1917, there was a serious shortage of shipping both in European countries and in the United States. In these circumstances, non-American subjects directed their attention to the possibilities of shipbuilding in the United States. After the war declaration, the United States Government requisitioned all ships over 2500 tons. Among these ships, a large proportion was in the process of being constructed for a group of 15 Norwegian owners, by assignments made before the requisition order. Disputes arose as to the payment of indemnities allocated to the owner of the requisitioned ships. Following their failure to reach an agreement on the financial sums at stake, the Governments of the United States and Norway agreed to submit the claims to an arbitral tribunal.

Norwegian Shipowners' Claims: Award

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