Orinoco Steamship Company

Date of Award: 25 October 1910

Emblem of the Permanent Court of ArbitrationPursuant to an agreement of 17 February 1903, a mixed commission was charged with deciding all claims presented by the citizens of the United States of America against Venezuela. An umpire, designated by the Queen of the Netherlands, was to finally settle all questions on which the commissioners were in disagreement. On 22 February 1904 the umpire, Mr. Barge, ruled on a claim presented by the steamship company “Orinoco”. The government of the United States refused to recognise this decision, which it considered to be void because of excessive exercise of jurisdiction and a number of errors of law and fact, amounting to an essential error. The government of Venezuela argued that the decision was both valid and final. Unable to reach agreement, the two governments decided to submit the dispute to arbitration.

The original language of this case is French although the court also provided an official English translation.

Orinoco Steamship: Award

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