Babić, Milan

Milan Babic

Milan Babić first was the President of the government of the self-declared Serbian Autonomous Region (SAO) Krajina and in January 1992, he became the president of the Republic of Serbian Krajina (RSK) in north-eastern Croatia. He was indicted on the basis of individual criminal responsibility with one count of crimes against humanity and four counts of violations of the laws and customs of war. These crimes were all supposedly committed in SAO Krajina, which later became the RSK.

He negotiated a plea agreement with the Prosecution and on 27 January 2004 he entered a guilty plea to one count of persecutions on political, racial and religious grounds as crimes against humanity. He was sentenced by the Trial chamber to 13 years’ imprisonment. Babić appealed the judgement and the sentence, but the Appeals Chamber affirmed the sentence.

Milan Babić committed suicide in his cell at the United Nations Detention Unit (UNDU) on 5 March 2006.

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