Halilović, Sefer

Sefer HalilovicFrom July 1993 to November 1993, Sefer Halilović was Deputy Commander as well as chief of the Supreme Command Staff of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ICTY charged Sefer Halilović with murder (a violation of the laws or customs of war) for crimes perpetrated in Herzegovina in September 1993 during a military operation allegedly called operation “Neretva-93” or “Operation Neretva” of which Halilović was the commander.

Sefer Halilović pleaded not guilty during his initial appearance on 27 September 2001. On 16 November 2005, the Trial Chamber I found him not guilty. The appeals hearings were held on 10 and 11 July 2007. On 16 October 2007, the Appeals Chamber of the ICTY affirmed the acquittal of Sefer Halilović, dismissing all four of the Prosecution's grounds of appeal.

Pros. v. S. Halilović, indictmentPros. v. S. Halilović, judgement, 16-11-2005
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