Furundžija, Anto

Anto FurundžijaAnto Furundžija was a commander of the “Jokers”, a special unit of the Croatian Defence Council (HVO). In May 1993, Furundžija was an active combatant and had engaged in hostilities against the Muslim community in the Lašva Valley area (central Bosnia). Anto Furundžija was charged on the basis of individual criminal responsibility with torture and outrages upon personal dignity including rape as violations of the laws or customs of war.


On 10 December 1998, the Trial Chamber at the ICTY found him guilty of both charges and sentenced him to 10 years’ imprisonment. This sentence was confirmed on appeal on 21 July 2000. On September the same year, Anto Furundžija was transferred to Finland to serve his sentence and was granted early release on July 2004.

The Foča "Rape Camps": A dark page read through the ICTY's jurisprudence
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