Kovačević, Vladimir

Vladimir KovacevicVladimir Kovačević was the Commander of the Third Battalion of the Yugoslav People's Army Trebinje Brigade from late 1991. According to the indictment against him, on 6 December 1991, Vladimir Kovačević, acting individually or in concert with others, ordered or otherwise aided and abetted the unlawful artillery and mortar shelling of the Old Town of Dubrovnik. It is alleged that through acts of unlawful shelling JNA forces killed and wounded numerous civilians in and around Dubrovnik and destroyed or damaged civilian objects as well as cultural, historic and religious institutions.

The initial indictment against Vladimir Kovačević was issued on 27 February 2001 (amended in 2003). He was charged on the basis of individual criminal responsibility and superior criminal responsibility for violations of the laws or customs of war. On 2 June 2004, the Trial Chamber ordered the provisional release of Kovačević to Serbia and Montenegro on medical grounds. In 2006, it held that the accused "does not have the capacity to enter a plea and to stand trial, without prejudice to any future criminal proceedings against him”. The case was later referred to Republic of Serbia pursuant to Rule 11bis and confirmed by the Appeals Chamber on 28 March 2007. On 30 July 2007, Kovačević was indicted by the Serbia war crimes prosecutor’s office for war crimes against civilian population committed in Dubrovnik. Kovačević is currently being treated at the Belgrade Military Medical Academy.

Vladimir Kovačević was initially indicted together with Pavle Strugar, Miograd Jokić and Milan Zec.

DomCLIC Project: Kovačević case before the Belgrade Special War Crimes Chamber

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