Rajić, Ivica

ivica rajicIvica Rajić, also known as Viktor Andrić, was the commander of the Croatian Defence Council’s (HVO) Second Operational Group, a unit of Bosnian Croat soldiers based in Kiseljak, a town in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. In October 1993, Rajić commanded an attack on the central Bosnian village of Stupni Do near the town of Vareš. As a result of the attack at least 37 Bosnian Muslim men, women, and children were killed, and the village was destroyed. Rajić also commanded forces that attacked and looted the town of Vareš, detaining about 250 Bosnian Muslim men in horrible conditions, physically and mentally abusing other inhabitants, and sexually assaulting the women.

The initial indictment against Ivica Rajić was issued on 29 August 1995; the amended indictment was filed on 14 January 2004 (Case IT-95-12 "Stupni Do"). Rajić was charged on the basis of individual criminal responsibility and superior criminal responsibility with violations of the laws and customs of war and grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 1949. In 2005, by virtue of an agreement with the Prosecution, Rajić pleaded guilty to counts of wilful killing, inhumane treatment, appropriation of property and extensive destruction not justified by military necessity, charged as grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions. In exchange, the Prosecution withdrew the remaining charges. Accordingly, the Trial Chamber found the accused guilty on the four counts contained in the plea agreement and on 8 May 2006 Ivica Rajić was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment.

On 13 April 2007 Ivica Rajic was transferred to Spain to serve the remainder of his sentence, credit was given for the 1,130 days he had spent in detention.

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