Nikolić, Dragan

Dragan NikolicDragan Nikolić, also known as ‘Jenki’, was a commander of the Sušica Detention Camp in the municipality of Vlasenica, in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), from June 1992 until its closure in September 1992. The town of Vlasenica was taken over by Serb forces in April 1992. Many Muslims and other non-Serb residents fled from the Vlasenica area. Those who remained were either deported or arrested and detained in the Sušica Detention Camp run by the military and the local police militia. As many as 8,000 Muslim and non-Serbs civilians were detained there in deplorable living conditions.

Dragan Nikolić was the first person to be indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) for crimes against humanity. The initial indictment was confirmed on 4 November 1994. Nikolić was apprehended in BiH in April 2000 and transferred to the ICTY. He pleaded not guilty to all counts in the first and second amended indictment. The third amended indictment resulted from the discussion between the parties of a possible plea agreement. On 4 September 2003, Nikolić pleaded guilty of persecutions, murder, rape and torture (crimes against humanity). He was sentenced to 23 years of imprisonment on 18 December 2003.

Nikolić appealed against the Trial Chamber judgement. On 4 February 2005, the Appeals Chamber reduced Nikolić’s sentence to 20 years’ imprisonment.

On 21 June 2006 Dragan Nikolic was transferred to Italy to serve the remainder of his sentence, and credit was given for the time that he spent in detention since 20 April 2000.

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