Boškoski, Ljube

Ljube Boškoski was Minister of Interior for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) between May 2001 and November 2002. According to the Second Amended Indictment, Ljube Boškoski is charged with a superior responsibility for the criminal acts of his subordinates. It is alleged that he knew or should have known that the crimes had been committed by his subordinates during the attack on the Albanian village of Ljuboten on 12 August 2001 but did nothing to punish the perpetrators.

Boškoski has been indicted with Johan Tarčulovski. He faces charges on the basis of individual criminal responsibility with violations of the laws or customs of war including murder, wanton, destruction of cities, towns or villages and cruel treatment. The trial of Ljube Boškoski and Johan Tarčulovski started on 16 April 2007 and closing arguments took place on 6 and 8 May 2008. Boškoski pleaded not guilty to all the charges. 

On 10 July 2008, Trial Chamber II found Boškoski not guilty of all charges.

On 6 August 2008, the Prosecutor filed its Notice of Appeal against the Trial judgement of July 2008.On 19 May 2010 the Appeals Chamber delivered its judgement in the appeal of Tarčulovski  and Boškoski. The Appeals Chamber found that it was not shown that Boškoskihad failed to take the necessary and reasonable measures to punish his offending subordinates. The Chamber stated that, in the circumstances of the case, it was open to a reasonable trier of fact to acquit Boškoski of failure to punish , on the basis of reports about the events described in the indictment which had been provided by the Ministry of Interior to the competent judicial authorities.

The Appeals Chamber dismissed the Prosecution’s single ground of appeal against Ljube Boškoski’s acquittal.

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