The European International Model United Nations

General introduction
TEIMUN 2006 logoThe European International Model United Nations (TEIMUN) is an annual United Nations simulation for university students across the globe. TEIMUN gives participants the opportunity to experience the working and decision-making process of the United Nations through role-playing in one of the organs simulated, helping participants to gain a multicultural view of world affairs and to develop public speaking and debating skills. Besides the educational goal, a special atmosphere is created during the conferences due to the social events. TEIMUN promises to be an exciting week full of diplomatic negotiations, social events and lots of fun!

Although the TEIMUN board is based in Groningen, The Hague was chosen as the best venue for the annual conference due to the city's international nature and its close connections with the United Nations.

Number of staff
8 board-members (based in Groningen)

Contact information
Postal address
P.O. Box 41161
9701 CD Groningen
The Netherlands

Tel: +31-(0)50-363 88 89
Fax: +31-(0)50-363 88 92

Website: The European International Model United Nations