The Netherlands Institute of International Relations 'Clingendael'

Clingendael logoGeneral introduction
The objective of the Netherlands Institute of International Relations, known as 'Clingendael', is to promote the understanding of international affairs. Special attention is devoted to European integration, transatlantic relations, international security, conflict studies, policy making on national and international energy markets, negotiations and diplomacy, and to the United Nations and other international organisations.

Clingendael is an institute with an international focus. International political leaders, diplomats, journalists and researchers are frequently invited to give lectures and to take part in conferences and seminars. The Institute provides training courses in European relations for diplomats from Central and Eastern Europe, and southern Africa. Clingendael also assists in the training of specialists.

Clingendael is a non-profit autonomous foundation established under Dutch law. Over half the Institute’s budget is generated by the Institute’s activities (i.e., courses, seminars, research projects, workshops on international negotiations, etc.). The Clingendael Institute is a member of The Hague Academic Coalition.

Number of staff
Approximately 60

Who's who?
Prof. Jaap W. de Zwaan (Executive Director)
Prof. Jan Melissen (Head Diplomatic Studies Programme)
Prof. A. Schout (Head European Studies Programme)
Dr. E. Bakker (Head Security and Conflict Programme)
Prof. C. van der Linde (Head International Energy Programme)
Prof. J.Q.Th. Rood (Leader Strategic Research Project)

Contact information
Postal address
P.O. Box 93080
2509 AB The Hague

Visiting address
Clingendael 7
2597 VH The Hague

Tel: +31-(0)70-3245384
Fax: +31-(0)70-3282002

 Website: Clingendael

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