Centre for Justice and Reconciliation

General introduction
CJR logoOn International Human Rights Day 2003, Justitia et Pax Netherlands officially registered the Centre for Justice and Reconciliation. The Centre promotes support for those who suffer from gross human rights violations in finding justice and reconciliation. The Centre especially focuses on the possibilities of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

The Centre uses its unique position in The Hague to liaise between its partner organisations and the different organs of the International Criminal Court (ICC). It provides specific, tailor-made assistance to national lobby and education activities regarding the ICC. The Centre contributes to research and initiatives around themes of transitional justice and, in this respect, serves as linkage between its partners.

Justitia et Pax has a network of partner organisations around the world, especially in areas where conflict and violence are prevalent. The Centre is advised by an International Advisory Council. The CJR is member of the non-governmental Coalition for the International Criminal Court and its Victims' Rights Working Group, Co-Chair of the Faith and Ethics Caucus and Chair of the Netherlands’ Platform for the ICC.

Co-operate with the Centre for Justice and Reconciliation
The CJR builds upon a world-wide network of over 100 human rights organisations, both faith-based and secular. You are kindly invited to contact them when you are looking for:

- Guidance into the work of the ICC;
- Assistance in national lobby and education activities;
- Sharing of expertise and reflections on themes of transitional justice, especially truth and reconciliation processes.

Number of staff
Approximately four

Who's who?
Victor Scheffers - Advisor
Frenk van Enckevort - Director
Rob van Hal - Policy officer
Martine Benschop - Consultant

Contact information
Visiting address
Lutherse Burgwal 10
2512 CB The Hague

Postal address
Centre for Justice and Reconciliation
PO Box 16334
2500 BH The Hague

Tel: +31 (0) 70 3136820
Fax: +31 (0) 70 3136801

Email: info@cjr.nl
Website: Centre for Justice and Reconciliation