International Association of Prosecutors

General Introduction

The International Association of Prosecutors [IAP] is the only world wide association of prosecutors and has been in existence now for over 15 years.


It is a non- governmental, non-political organisation. The need to establish such an organisation was required by the rapid growth in transnational crime and thus the IAP was established in June 1995 at the United Nations offices in Vienna  It numbers over 138 organisational members and 800 individual members representing every region in the world.   


Its web site is fertile territory for information for prosecutors with an active interest in other jurisdictions.  Membership gives access to certain specialist sites, including the Global Prosecutors E Crime network [GPEN] and the Forum for International Criminal Justice [FICJ] as well as contact points in other countries which can prove to be essential when dealing with cross border criminality.   


Members receive 4 newsletters per annum and have the chance to attend the annual conference and one or more of the regional conferences held worldwide and aimed at the practitioner prosecutor. The IAP European Regional Conference usually takes place in The Hague in February or March each year. There are also Regional Conferences for prosecutors from Central and Eastern European and Central Asia; for prosecutors from Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East; for prosecutors from Latin America and more recently for prosecutors from North America and the Caribbean.  


The IAP signature event each year is the Annual Conference. The 16th of which is being held in Korea in 2011, side by side with the 4th World Summit of Prosecutors General, Attorneys General and Chief Prosecutors. The 17th Annual Conference is being held in Thailand in 2012.  The Association is based in The Hague where the Secretary General of the association, currently Derk Kuipers is located. The President is currently James Hamilton, Director of Public Prosecutions of Ireland. Elizabeth Howe OBE, formerly Chief Crown Prosecutor for Kent, has been seconded to the association by the Crown Prosecution Service as General Counsel and is responsible for the IAP’s professional work programme.   


Who's Who?

IAP Secretary General -

IAP General Counsel - Elizabeth Howe

IAP Communications Manager - Janne Holst Hubner

Contact information

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