Title Author Date
Forum prorogatum before the International Court of Justice: the Djibouti v. France case
Vincent Pouliot, from the T.M.C. Asser Instituut, introduces the concept of forum prorogatum before the ICJ through an analysis of the Djibouti v. France case.
Pouliot, Vincent 09 Jan 2009
Avena as a Challenge to the Federal American Legal System
Professor of International Law at Tilburg University Willem van Genugten comments on the Avena case before the ICJ and the proceedings which took place before the US Supreme Court concerning 52 Mexican nationals sentenced to death.
van Genugten, Willem 11 Nov 2008
Committing Genocide by Integral-Part Participation: The ICTR Appeals Chamber judgement in Prosecutor v. Seromba
In this commentary written by Gregory Townsend, the author analyses the expansion of the legal definition of "committing" genocide as set out by the ICTR Appeals Chamber in the case of Athanase Seromba.
Townsend, Gregory 23 Sep 2008
The Controversial Actions of the ICC Prosecutor: a Crisis of Maturity?
This article discusses the current problems facing the International Criminal Court in light of the case against the first ever accused before the Court, Thomas Lubanga. For personal reasons, the author wishes to remain anonymous.
15 Sep 2008
Passing of Sovereignty: the Malaysia/Singapore Territorial Dispute before the ICJ
Dr. Yoshifumi Tanaka of the University of Westminster discusses the International Court of Justice judgment of 23 May 2008 in the Malaysia/Singapore case concerning the sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh, Middle Rocks and South Ledge.
Tanaka, Yoshifumi 25 Aug 2008
Karadžić on Trial: Two Procedural Problems
Commentary by Professor Göran Sluiter on the issue of self-representation and Karadžić's right to an impartial tribunal.
Sluiter, Göran 02 Aug 2008
Immunity of the United Nations before the Dutch courts
Guido den Dekker of Utrecht University analyses the District Court of The Hague's decision on UN immunity before Dutch courts in the 'Mothers of Srebrenica' case.
den Dekker, Guido 28 Jul 2008
The Special Court for Sierra Leone's Appeals Judgment in the AFRC case
Roland Adjovi examines the Appeal Judgement in the AFRC case delivered by the Special Court for Sierra Leone in February 2008.
Adjovi, Roland 12 Jun 2008