Title Author Date
State Immunity for International Crimes: The Case of Germany versus Italy before the ICJ
Francesco Moneta reflects on the proceedings brought by Germany against Italy before the ICJ relating to jurisdictional immunities of the state.
Moneta, Francesco 23 Jun 2009
Pro forma commentaries page
14 Apr 2009
ICJ rejects Mexico's request to interpret Avena
Paul von Muhlendahl provides an overview of the ICJ's decision to not interpret its decision in Avena.
Von Muhlendahl, Paul 09 Apr 2009
Maritime Delimitation in the Black Sea (Romania v. Ukraine): A Commentary
After the failure of 24 rounds of negotiations since 1998, Romania brought its dispute against Ukraine on their border in the Black Sea before the ICJ. Alex Oude Elferink analyses the judgement the Court delivered in February 2009.
Oude Elferink, Alex 27 Mar 2009
How Should the ICC Office of the Prosecutor Choose its Cases? The multiple meanings of Situational Gravity
Professor Mark Osiel discusses the multiple meanings of “situational gravity” under the ICC Rome Statute.
Osiel, Mark 05 Mar 2009
Preliminary Objections in the Croatia v. Serbia case: A commentary
Professor Wouter Werner examines ICJ's decision to proceed to the merits in the Croatia v. Serbia Genocide Case.
Werner, Wouter 26 Feb 2009
In the Name of the State: The interminable naming dispute over Macedonia is now before the ICJ
Nicholas Walbridge provides an insight into the long-running row over the name of Macedonia, and what effect the legal proceedings at the ICJ will have on the dispute.
Walbridge, Nicholas 10 Feb 2009
The Georgia v. Russia Case: A Commentary
Dr Phoebe Okowa discusses the ICJ's decision in Application of the International Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Racial Discrimination, Request for the Indication of Provisional Measures (Georgia v. Russia Federation)
Okowa, Phoebe 26 Jan 2009