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The Hague Prize 100General Introduction
The Hague Prize for International law is awarded by The Hague Prize Foundation. It can be awarded to physical persons and/or legal persons who - through publications or achievements in the practice of law - have made a special contribution to the development of public and/or private international law or to the advancement of the rule of law in the world. The award ceremony shall take place in the Peace Palace in The Hague.

The prize consists of a monetary amount of € 50.000. The first award was presented in 2004 and the second in 2007. Thereafter the price is awarded every two years. The granting of the award is done by the Chairman of The Hague Prize Foundation on behalf of the Board of the Foundation. Recommendations and reasoned suggestions for candidates may be submitted to the Nominating Committee.

Number of Staff
Nine Board Members

Who's who?
Dr. B.R. Bot - Chairman

Contact Information
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P.O.Box 93033
NL - 2509 AA The Hague

Tel: + 31 70 353 6085
Fax: + 31 70 353 2013

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