The Foundation for Peace

General Introduction
FFP logoThe Foundation for Peace is an independent, non-profit civil society organisation which aims to prevent the proliferation of international conflicts and promotes their peaceful resolution. Established in 2003, the Foundation realises its mandate through an array of programmes, including education and training, civil society programmes, conferences and workshops as well as various youth and media activities.

The Foundation of Peace’s mission is to bring about peace and reconciliation between the West and the Muslim world. It realises this mission through encouraging accommodation, guiding policy change and applying its ideas in concert with governments and like-minded communities. The Foundation reflects constantly on the application of ideas, using real-world experience and new knowledge and acting with political, educational, economic, and information tools to improve its response to conflict challenges. The Foundation demonstrates a commitment to freedom, fair play, equality and justice, respect for culture and religion in human affairs, and a determination to promote harmony between the West and Muslim world.

Number of Staff

Who's who?
Mr. C. van Beuningen, MBA - Director

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