International Conference on Police Accountability and the Quality of Oversight: Global Trends in National Context

Supermacht EuropaThe EU Constitution, the best way forward? (ed. by d. Curtin et al.)
Research/ Factsheets
An Overview of the Counter Terrorism Unit activities 2004An Overview on Forgery of MoneyChild Abuse in relation to Trafficking in Human BeingsCollaboration with individuals who cooperate with the judicial processCombating terrorism and other forms of serious crime and improving exchanges of informationCombating the financing of terrorist groupsConvention on the protection of the Union's financial interestsCrime victims' rightsDemocratic control over EuropolDrugs 2004Enhancing police and customs cooperation in the European UnionEU situation report on drug production and drug trafficking 2003-2004European arrest warrantEuropean Judicial NetworkEuropean judicial training networkEuropean network of contact points for restorative justiceEuropean Police CollegeEuropolEuropol ConventionEuropol Drugs UnitExchange of information between the law enforcement authorities of the Member StatesExtradition ConventionFight against terrorismFight against terrorism: directory of skillsFight against terrorism: prevention, preparedness and responseFinancial and Property Crimes 2004Forgery of Money 2004Framework decision on combating racism and xenophobiaFramework for the exchange of liaison magistratesFreezing funds: list of terrorists and terrorist groupsGreen Paper on criminal proceedingsJoint investigation teamsJudicial network in civil and commercial mattersJurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial mattersMutual Assistance in Criminal Matters between Member StatesMutual recognition of financial penaltiesNew functions for the SIS in the fight against terrorismProvisional Judicial Cooperation UnitRecognition and execution of confiscation ordersSecretariat for the joint supervisory data-protection bodiesSimplified procedureSpecific measures to prevent and combat terrorismThe fight against terrorism: preparedness and management of the consequencesTrafficking in Human Beings for Sexual Exploitation in the EU: a Europol PerspectiveTrafficking in Human Beings: Child Abuse 2004Transmission of personal data by Europol