Rape as weapon of war likely to be added to charges in Libya case 09 Jun 2011
Amid mounting evidence that sexual attacks on women are being used as a weapon in the Libyan conflict, the ICC is likely to add new charges to those against Muammar Gaddafi.

Mr Ocampo, in a press conference at the United Nations on Wednesday, stated that there were strong indications that hundreds of women had been raped during the clampdown on protestors by the Libyan government and that Gaddafi had ordered the violations as a form of punishment. The Prosecutor stated that his investigators were receiving detailed information which confirmed the policy.

The prosecutor stated there was evidence that the government had been handing out doses of "Viagra-type" medicines to soldiers to encourage troops to engage in sexual attacks. He said that the Office of the Prosecutor had doubts at the beginning of their investigation, but recent developments have convinced them that rape was being used as a new punishing tactic by the Libyan regime.

He added that he may now ask for a new charge of mass rape to be included in the list of war crimes and crimes against humanity already leveled against Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam and the country's head of espionage, Abdullah al-Senussi, following the uncovering of this new evidence. The prosecutor sought arrest warrants last month against the three men, and ICC Pre-Trial judges are to announce in days whether they agree to the charges. The new rape charges would be added to the previous ones, once the investigations are completed.

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