Rašić, Jelena (Contempt)

Jelena Rašić is currently a member of the Milan Lukic defence team. On or around 18 October 2008, Rašić allegedly knowingly and willfully interfered with the Tribunal’s administration of justice in procuring a false witness statement from Zuhdija Tabaković in Višegrad in exchange for €1,000 in cash. She allegedly also encouraged and/or persuaded Tabaković to procure false witness statements from two other persons in exchange for payment of €1,000.

In March 2010 Zuhdija Tabaković was convicted of contempt of court and sentenced to three months in prison. 

On 8 July 2010 the Prosecutor of the ICTY filed an indictment for contempt against Jelena Rašić which was made public on 22 September 2010.
On 20 September 2010 Jelena Rašić was transferred to the detention centre in The Hague and on 22 September 2010 made her first appearance before the judges of the Court. Jelena Rašić pleaded not guilty to all charges. She faces a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment if convicted.
On 25 January 2011, an order was filed designating Judge Howard Morrison as pre-trial Judge.


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Prosecutor v. J. Rašić Case information sheetProsecutor v. J. Rašić Indictment 08/07/2010