Ndimbati, Aloys

Aloys Ndimbati was Bourgmestre of Gisovu in the Kibuye prefecture during the genocide of 1994. He is charged with genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, war crimes, as well as murder, extermination and other inhumane acts (crimes against humanity).

According to the Indictment of 29 April 1996 in which he is charged alongside seven other suspects, Aloys Ndimbati is individually responsible for the alleged acts and bears responsibility as a superior for the acts of his subordinates. It is alleged that Ndimbati personally attacked Tutsi civilians and brought militias and other perpetrators of violence to the area of Bisesero where thousands of men, women and children had sought refuge following previous attacks in the prefecture. In the presence of Aloys Ndimbati, the Prosecutor claims that these forces subsequently committed atrocities against the refugees.

Aloys Ndimbati continues to evade justice despite the United States offering a substantial reward for information leading to his arrest as part of the Rewards for Justice initiative.

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