Munyagishari, Bernard

According to the indictment dated 9 June 2005, Bernard Munyagishari, was President of the Interahamwe militia for Gisenyi préfecture. He is charged with five counts of genocide or alternatively complicity in genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, murder and rape (crimes against humanity).

The prosecutor charges that Munyagishari is responsible by way of his individual responsibility for the acts referred to in the indictment, as well as by way of his superior responsibility, having control and authority over the Interahamwe militia in Gisenyi. Bernard Munyagishari is alleged to have ordered and participated in the commission of massacres across the préfecture, which the prosecution asserts became notorious for crimes of a sexual nature. It is alleged that during the genocide from April until July 1994, Bernard Munyagishari created a special corps of Interahamwe militia known as the “Ntarumikwa” to rape and kill Tutsi women and girls, and that he instructed his wife to lead a female group under her control to sexually torture female Tutsis.

Bernard Munyagishari remains at large.

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