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Avena as a Challenge to the Federal American Legal System
Professor of International Law at Tilburg University Willem van Genugten comments on the Avena case before the ICJ and the proceedings which took place before the US Supreme Court concerning 52 Mexican nationals sentenced to death.
van Genugten, Willem 11 Nov 2008
Forum prorogatum before the International Court of Justice: the Djibouti v. France case
Vincent Pouliot, from the T.M.C. Asser Instituut, introduces the concept of forum prorogatum before the ICJ through an analysis of the Djibouti v. France case.
Pouliot, Vincent 09 Jan 2009
Forum prorogatum and ius cogens standards
Commentary by Willem van Genugten, Professor of International Law at Tilburg University, on the the judgement of the ICJ in the Congo v. Rwanda case of 3 February 2006.
van Genugten, Willem 16 Mar 2006
A Further Step in the Development of the Joint Criminal Enterprise Doctrine
Matteo Fiori discusses the contribution of the Brdanin judgement to the further development of the joint criminal enterprise doctrine in the jurisprudence of the ICTY and in international criminal law.
Fiori, Matteo 31 Jul 2007
Airline dispute lands in ICJ: a commentary on the Swissair/Sabena case
An analysis of the case brought by Belgium against Switzerland at the International Court of Justice over the Sabena bankruptcy.
Van het Kaar, Bart-Jan & Kaplan, Gilad 28 Jan 2010
Amended Karadžić indictment submitted to judges
The Prosecutors in the case against Radovan Karadžić have proposed a Second Amended Indictment for approval by the Trial Chamber in which they promise a "more focused and precise indictment".
Another Afghan Case in the Hague District Court: Universal Jurisdiction over Violations of Common Article 3
Cedric Ryngaert comments on issues of jurisdiction, criminality and on the effect of customary international law in the domestic legal order raised by the District Court of The Hague' judgement of 25 June 2007 in the case of an Afghan military official known as Abdullah F.
Ryngaert, Cedric 13 Sep 2007
Australia attempts to harpoon Japanese whaling program
Prof. Frans Nelissen and Steffen van der Velde examine the key legal issues relating to the proceedings brought by Australia over Japan's whaling programme.
Nelissen, Frans A. & Van der Velde, Steffen 05 Jul 2010
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