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Intention to appeal in the Kouwenhoven case
10 Apr 2008
The Controversial Actions of the ICC Prosecutor: a Crisis of Maturity?
This article discusses the current problems facing the International Criminal Court in light of the case against the first ever accused before the Court, Thomas Lubanga. For personal reasons, the author wishes to remain anonymous.
15 Sep 2008
New commentary
Gregory Townsend provides an insightful analysis of the ICTR Appeals Chamber's expansion of the legal definition of "committing" genocide in the Seromba case, concerning the notorious attack on the Nyange Parish in Rwanda in April 1994.
Amended Karadžić indictment submitted to judges
The Prosecutors in the case against Radovan Karadžić have proposed a Second Amended Indictment for approval by the Trial Chamber in which they promise a "more focused and precise indictment".
Life imprisonment for génocidaire Nchamihigo
The ICTR has convicted a former deputy prosecutor in Rwanda of genocide and crimes against humanity, finding him responsible for the death of more than 2,000 Tutsi civilians.
ICC confirms charges against Katanga and Ngudjolo
Pre-Trial Chamber I has confirmed charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes brought against two former Congolese commanders, paving the way for the start of their trial.
Trial of former Yugoslav Army chief set to begin
The long-awaited start of the trial of Momčilo Perišić is imminent after the UN Security Council extended the terms of the judges at the ICTY who will hear the case.
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