International Justice
The meeting took place at the OPCW headquarters in The Hague
The hearing was initially scheduled on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 and is postponed due to unforeseen organisational reasons.
The President of Eurojust, Ms Michèle Coninsx, commented on the recent terrorist attacks in Denmark on 14 and 15 February
Spanish and Romanian authorities, supported by Eurojust, dismantled a brutal Romanian organised crime group

News & Publications
Dominic Ongwen, is a high ranking commander of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).
The Senior Commander of the Lord's Resistance Army is alleged to be Dominic Ongwen,
Court Calendars
Resilience: A road-map to building a secure and sustainable future for West Asia and North Africa".5 March 2015
ICCT Associate Fellow Dr. Daveed Gartenstein-Ross will shed light on the complex situation in Libya
Peace and Security Salon: Drones and Robots as Means of Modern Warfare,
An excellent opportunity to talk to staff and students about taught and research postgraduate courses on offer at UCD.
An opportunity for the general public to attend one of the scheduled guided tours
Employment Network Event: Thursday 23rd April 2015 starting after 17.00,

Freelance Field Interpreter (Fulfulde, Songhay, Tamasheq, Bambara), G-7
Human Resources Assistant, G-5
Field Operations Officer, P-3
Legal Officer, P-3
Security Officer, G-3
Associate Analyst, P-2
Analyst, P-3
Evidence Assistant, G-4
Information Officer (Evidence and Analysis Systems), P-2
Operations Assistant, G-5
Administration Officer, P-3
Witness Operations Assistant, G-5
​Information Analyst, P-2
Indexer, G-5
Mail Assistant and Driver, G-3
Secretary to Judge, G-5
Translator/Reviser (French), P-4
Associate Translator (French), P-2
Field Operations Assistant, G-5
Human Resources Assistant, G-5
External Relations Officer, P-4
Personal Assistant to the Registrar, G-6
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