International Justice and Security
State participation in Rome Statute system essential to international rule of law
The Appeals Chamber rejected the appeals submitted by the five accused against their conviction

Peace, Justice and Security
One of Europol’s flagship reports, the Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment (SOCTA) updates Europe’s law enforcement community and decision-makers on such developments in serious and organised crime and the threats it poses to the EU.
Thoughts on international justice from The Hague and beyond
For up-to-date discussion and views on International Justice issues; including Justice Explained, Opinions and Conversations
Building cases against genocidal criminals presents huge challenges, and the Prosecutor has a justice mandate but no police force. At every turn, he must pressure the international community to muster political will for the cause
Court Calendars
Victim Participation in International Criminal Justice – Practitioners’ Guide, followed by a panel discussion

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​Freelance Field Interpreter (Ossetian) (G-7) - Deadline: 27 July 2018, Administration and Operations Officer (P-3) - Deadline: 31 March 2018, Security Officer (G-3)- Deadline: 1 April 2018, Freelance Field Interpreters (Kirundi) - Deadline: 5 February 2019, ​Associate Team Leader (P-2) - Deadline: 25 March 2018 ​Head, Forensic Science Section (P-5) - Deadline: 3 April 2018 ​Associate Legal Advisor (P-2) - Deadline: 3 April 2018, Case Manager (P-1) - Deadline: 5 April 2018 Database Coordinator (P-1) - Short Term - Deadline: 21 March 2018, ​Associate Procurement Officer (P-2) - Short Term - Deadline: 31 March 2018,
Head of the Defence Office, D-2 Deadline 31/03/2018 Senior Field Operations Assistant (2 positions and for rostering purposes) Deadline 07/04/2018 Head of Field Security Deadline 07/04/2018 Senior Investigator / Head of Related Cases and Operations Team Deadline 06/04/2018 Security Officer Deadline 05/04/2018 Deputy Chief, Security and Safety Section Deadline 05/04/2018 Procurement and Administrative Assistant Deadline 05/04/2018 Chief of Human Resources and Change Management Section Deadline 31/03/2018 Security Driver Deadline 26/03/2018 Assistant Evidence Reviewer Deadline 24/03/2018
Translator (French), P-3 Translator/Reviser (French), P-4 Administrative Officer, P-4 Certification Assistant, G-4 Legal Officer, P-3
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Head, Finance and Accounts Administration Division 10/09/2016 Senior Mission Planning Coordinator (P-4) Inspectorate Division 25/08/2016 Head, Political Affairs and Protocol Branch (P-5) External Relations Division 25/08/2016 Safety Officer (P-3) Office of the Deputy Director-General 04/09/2016 Linguist (Chinese) (P-3) Secretariat for the Policy-Making Organs 18/08/2016 Head, Entitlements and Benefits Administration Division 11/09/2016 Knowledge Management Officer (P-3) Verification Division 18/09/2016
For up-to-date information on vacancies in the field of archives and records management in international organisations follow this link